Pharmacist Manager, Mallaig Village Pharmacy, Mallaig

Full-Time Pharmacist Manager, Mallaig

Job reference: Mallaig_2019_CPS

Pharmacy Name: Mallaig Village Pharmacy
Contact Name: Elinor Wilkinson
Contact Telephone: 01236823262

We have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and professional full time Pharmacist Manager to work in a progressive, community-focused Pharmacy in the vibrant seaside town of Mallaig.

We are looking for a Pharmacist Manager who genuinely wants to work with their local community; this will entail:

  • Actively supporting their patients and community
  • Working closely with fellow health professionals and growing relationships with them to support their patients
  • Leading and working with their team to develop the role of the Pharmacy within the community
  • Developing and implementing existing services as well as looking for opportunities to expand them.

To do so we are looking for a Pharmacist Manager who either:

  • Has experience and knowledge of how a Pharmacist Manager can lead their team and develop their Pharmacy


  • Is starting their career in Pharmacy, but has the confidence and vision, to be able to deal with the challenges of being a new Manager whilst under the guidance of an experienced Senior Team.

Our Managers must be:

  • Self-motivated and proactive about seeking opportunities to develop their Pharmacy and their team and their own skills
  • Aware of the commercial realities of Pharmacy and able to work with them to develop the role of the Pharmacy within the community.

We offer our team members a supportive, trusting environment in which to work and develop along with a competitive salary based on experience. To be part of this enthusiastic and committed team please submit your CV and a covering letter to: Elinor Wilkinson at –, quoting Job Ref: Mallaig_2019_CPS